Making Pins For Metal Bunk Beds

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Full Size Metal Bunk Beds

The metal bunk beds are usually bound together with metal pins to hold the upper bed balanced on the bottom. This prevents it from falling. If you lose metal pins, you can make new ones. The most important aspect is the diameter and length. Must fit into the holes perfectly to securely hold the beds. Measure the diameter and depth of the bolt hole with tape. Get metal pins that are the correct diameter.

Place metal bunk beds bolt near the mountains to the appropriate length. Cut it to have the same exact length of the depth of the holes on the litter. Place the bolt along a screw and cut with saw. If you are using a saw stationary power, connect power and slowly lower the blade to the metal pin cut.

If you use a saw to hand power, connect power and press the blade bolt until it is cut. In changes, if you use a saw usual, you have to move the saw back and forth over the bolt being cut. Repeat this process until all bolts are sufficient for litter. Insert the bolts for metal bunk beds that you recently created in the holes once the bunks are stacked one above the other.

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