Make Nautical Wall With Seashell Wall Decor

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Seashell wall decor – Creating wall decor inspired by the ocean gives your home a beach house feel either on a wall or as part of an overall theme decor. Choose the colors of the beach and sea as a backdrop for his new nautical wall decor. The classic color combination of blue and white, with a touch or red, but any color can work beach. Think beige sand, green palm trees, powdery white, yellow or blue sunny blue.

Type a message, but forget to put it in a bottle and send it to the sea. Apply seafaring words or phrases on the wall instead. Word Art for walls is a technique in home decor today and words can work particularly well in a nautical style decor. Use nautical accessories such as three-dimensional art. Oars and paddles make simple decorations on your own, or take on a life as curtain rods or towel racks. Other nautical or beach use items include a captain wheels, anchors, sailing flags, and even a surfboard. Old or used is always better and adds a vintage feel, but if you can not find the old nautical accessories seashell wall decor, use new reproductions.

Apply seashells for mirrors, frames and other surfaces. Seashell Art covered can be expensive, costing hundreds of dollars. However, make your own mirror is easy and fun. Just buy bags of seashells in a discount store, grab a glue gun and attach the shells start to any surface you want. An even simpler style is to add a large seashell wall decor on a painted frame. Sometimes simple can make such an impact as ornate and over-the-top.

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