Make A Simple Wood Platform Bed

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Wood Platform Bed Ideas

Wood platform bed – With its modern, clean lines, updating a platform bed bedroom decor. While many furniture stores selling these popular beds for hundreds or thousands of dollars, you can build your own using materials from your local hardware store.  Measure the length and width of your mattress. Build the base of the wood platform bed with the help of the 2-by-10. Subtract about 12 inches from your mattress’ dimensions. Once you have determined the right measurements, measure and cut wood. Drill holes in the wood and use deck screws to attach the pieces together. Put two 2-by-10-inch boards in the middle of the frame; offset the pieces for maximum support. Drill holes, and then secure the support boards with deck screws.

Make a simple wood platform bed, Use scrap pieces of 2-by-10s that blocks between the boards. Screw them in place to give the bed added support. Follow the same strategy to create the upper part of the bed, this time with the help of the 2-by-4-inch slices. This section will make up the upper part of the bed where the mattress actually sitting, so you want it to be several inches larger than your actual beds.

After that to make a simple wood platform bed, if you have a 80-by-76-inch king-size mattress, you can reduce your wood to create an 88-by-84-inch platform. These measurements would give you a 4-inch border on each side of your mattress. Measure and installing the upper portion of the bed in the same way as the lower part built.

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