Luxury Hexagon Floor Tile

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Awesome Hexagon Floor Tile

Hexagon floor tile – If you want to give a special touch to the  interior design  of your home, office or home and do not come to mind  decorating ideas  that you like and get away than usual, try the  hexagons . Where? Anywhere! You can use them in an endless number of sites; read on and discover the many options offered by this geometric shape.

Whether with rugs or carpets, or with the floor material itself. And if we get into more luxury task is to combine wooden slats with ceramic hexagon floor tile or add some hexagons of different colors, either randomly or by creating a regular composition.

Besides hexagon floor tile, the hexagons are ideal for coating any wall type, either in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in a bar or even on a facade of a local. As conceived can behave like real paintings, for example playing with painting the walls in different colors, creating a dynamic composition, or playing with the material that we like, whose characteristics will bring a touch of design . For example using a patterned wood in different directions for each hexagon. Great to give life to the walls differently resource.

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