Long Lasting And Dramatic Printed Wall Tiles

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Printed Wall Tiles And Floor

Printed wall tiles – Thanks to our printing technology we can print directly on tiles with photo quality and exceptional color saturation. We have a number of standard sizes of tile and with them we can make mural size you need, combining several tiles as a mosaic.

Once printed wall tiles give a layer of satin varnish that protects them , and sent a sketch numbered for placing them simple and have no doubt in position thereof in mural. One of latest additions to our product catalog is printed tile. In short climb we’re riding a video where you can see production process and technology used machines that allow us to print directly onto tiles, with great image quality. A printed time, submit to a process of coating that lengthens duration both outdoors and indoors.

Its applications are numerous, in bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, inlaid furniture, garden…. most important thing is to have an accurate picture to place where going to get and that evokes feelings us according to what we pretend to transmit. You should know that we are unique custom manufacturers of wall tiles. We have years of experience and a variety of creative techniques available to us. If you can imagine it, we can recreate custom printed wall tiles long lasting and dramatic.

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