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2016 Tiled Wall Bathroom

Tiled wall bathroom – As much as times change, some things never go out of fashion. This is case of tiles in bathroom which remain best choice for coating walls of our toilets.  What they have changed are reasons, forms and combinations of colors, which today offer more variety than ever. If we are thinking about tiling bathroom, tell us a little about what tiles are kept and which combinations of colors can choose, will help us make a good decision.

Monochrome walls ran large tiles. What really takes now use different colors and textures. Whether to define spaces, well to combine, mix tiled wall bathroom is trending topic , and this trend is here to stay. In this bathroom black tile, industrial cutting, has been combined with golden friezes of various prints that give a glamorous and wild to this elegant bathroom tap.

More than a decade, we discovered thanks to gresite that combination of colors gave a fun twist to our bathtubs. Combinations of this small square tiled wall bathroom is infinite, but always playing with different shades of same color. However, in this bath, different shades of brown combined with white, which is also found in health, to give a clearer and luminous touch wall. Combination of brown also plays with ceilings, wooden floors and unpainted pottery.

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