Large Egyptian Wall Decor

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Egyptian wall decor – Egyptian decoration luxury bedroom and inspired a rich metallic shades and jewelry. Egypt-inspired materials, finishes, objects and motifs Projects range from simple to complex. You can use this project to create a focal point and set the theme of the room, or it can be a small part of the big picture change bedroom.

Adding interest in architecture and dimensions egyptian wall decor by creating the illusion of columns. Height of the walls and columns can be single wall or door frame, or may be high only one or two meters below the floating platform or screen niche. The raw material for this project cost nearly nothing. Start with a cardboard tube the desired width and height. Add a column capital for a more ornate, using a frame made of wire and paper mache. Paint all parts of the classic gray, antique white, cream, stone, or some combination thereof.

Create a dramatic backdrop with egyptian wall decor. You have several options for this project. You can paint a simple scene, such as the pyramids in the desert under a full moon. You may want to keep a simpler, and give parents sponge-finished walls painted yellow to evoke the texture papyrus. You can add a cut in hieroglyphs on the edge, or a large motif centered on the wall.

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