Landscaping Metal Fence Gate

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Unusual Metal Fence Gate

Metal fence gate can play an important role in protecting and enclosing your property, but they are not always known to be attractive. Even advanced metal fences can benefit from the addition of plants, rocks and other decorative features around the base. Adding the landscape to the front of a metal fence provides a great curb appeal to your home or business and may be the first thing people notice when you visit.


Add a row of bushes along the front row of the fence. If you want to hide the fence, choose high, thick bushes or integrity hedges. Use lower bushes if you have a fancy metal fence gate. Place a narrow, raised garden bed in front of metal fence. The front of the fence can be a perfect spot for displaying colorful plants and flowers. Include other features of the garden bed such as a bird bath, a small water feature or decorative stones.

Install a road or sidewalk leading to your farm in front of the metal fence gate. Place a decorative edge on either side of the stone or metal web. Plant flowers on either side of the lane to add color to the area outside the fence. Turn the area in front of the fence into a seating area by putting a park bench in place. Plant flowering shrubs like azalea or forsythia on either side of the bench to add a splash of color during certain times of the year. Use space to display outdoor art. Radars the ground in front of the fence with different, distinct sculptures or objects.

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