King Size Bed Frame With Storage

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Remarkable King Size Bed Frame With Storage

King Size Bed Frame With Storage – king size beds take up a large amount of space in any bedroom. But in rooms where space is at a premium. They can often prevent other much needed furniture from being placed in the same room. This can make storage of clothes, bedding and other items difficult because a dresser will not always fit. You can build a king size bed frame with storage in it. And eliminate the need for a separate chest of drawers, making space troubles a thing of the past.

Building a king size bed frame with storage bed is a one -dags project. That can add more than 40 cubic feet of storage space to your bedroom. This is ideal for families in smaller living room or a vacation home. You can plan for a standard king-size bed, with room for storage containers to slide under on one side. And a large storage box on the other for seasonal items. Such as decorations and winter wear

Because, instead of spending money on an expensive bed. Make your own simple king size bed frame with storage is best way to save on budget. King beds are the biggest mattress option, about 80 inches in length and 76 inches wide. To make your own bed is not as hard as it sounds. And with a few tools you can make the frame with storage in a couple of hours. When making the frame, dress it up with bedding for a complete look.

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