Iron Metal Scroll Wall Decor

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Metal scroll wall decor – Using roller bending tool to create beautiful rolled metal. A folded parchment tool allows you to form a flat metal or thin rods of the curve or bend without heating. Using a technique called laminating or cold bending, pass the metal through a series of rollers, little by little each is bend metal. Soon you’re creating your own decorative gates of metal, decoration of the wall, decorative fence or security for doors and windows.

Buy bending displacement drawn by hand in the desired shape. Size and type metal scroll wall decor of Bender that is required depends on the thickness and the width of the metal to be doubled and desired design of displacement. Mount clear work area of scroll bender following the manufacturer’s instructions. Place the end of the strip of metal or bar between the two rollers of the Center or the Center pillar of the slot. Adjust the movable roller or the center of the clamp to grip the metal.

The production of the initial part of the displacement. Use the end of a metal strip or rod like handle or use the handle of the tool is provided to change the metal around the central part of the Bender. Continue to attract more metal strip around bender, bender that segment in addition as required. More complicated metal scroll wall decor may require a variety of segments drop-in curve different parts of rolls.

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