Interior And Exterior White Travertine Tile

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People know white travertine tile since Roman times and similar such as marble, it is a floor covering timeless style, convincing with natural optical appearance and high quality. In interior regions, is usually polished or travertine, and moved when used outdoors in polite form. In a dream home on Pacific Ocean coast is covered all tiles of about 297 square meters with polished travertine flooring surface.

In house are three main materials used to designate – white travertine tile, limestone and glass. Flooring consists of all travertine tiles and can be seen on walls of some rooms, such as a bathroom and hallway. Decorative limestone comes from Jerusalem and fa├žade and interiors. Frameless, large windows allow plenty of light in each area and offer beautiful views of Pacific Ocean and Golden Bridge. Materials used are in contrast with modern architecture and building of character.

Rooms are on upper floor and in back room with a modern, open-plan kitchen. White travertine tile seamlessly combine indoor and outdoor, and end up with a beautiful infinity pool with clear water. In garden, plants, such as old olive trees and great natural Agave grow drought. North side of house is completely enclosed and beside front door is a garage with parking space.

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