Interface Carpet Tile Brick Installation

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Interface Carpet Tile Specs

Interface carpet tile are perfect for installation in office, education, recreation and retail settings. Robustness and their durability means they can cope with the demands of high-traffic environments, and flexible design options make them ideal for areas that are open.

The fact that interface carpet tile is very easy to maintain is also beneficial in this setting. This article looks at case studies in which the selection of carpet tiles has been used to create optimal results. In a school setting, the type of floor is ideal. Reducing the risk of slip and provide cushioning in the case of falls. It also has excellent acoustic quality, limit the propagation of noise.

In addition, bespoke designs can be created, zoning off areas and create an attractive environment. In the use of further education, interface carpet tile is often used for boarding students. The use of commercial carpet tiles means that there should be a floor that becomes stained or damaged tile replacement can be made easily and cheaply.

Interface carpet tile are perfect for the office environment. Longer durability and simple replacement options mean that they can cope with the high footfall areas. They also have anti-slip and noise absorption properties, are ideal for this type of arrangement.


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