Instructions To Placement Chain Link Fence

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Smart Chain Link Fence

Putting chain link fence around your property can keep unwanted animals from eating your crops. If you have large animals, such as cows or horses, you can install a barbed wire fence. Smaller animals, such as pigs, require a woven wire fence to keep them written. Wire fence installation is similar for both types of wire. Both require physical labor but otherwise they are not a difficult one for do it craftsmen. The use of a worm that digs the pits of the pole makes the work go much faster than trying to dig the holes of the hand with a pair of runners.

Attach chain link fence to two stakes. Put the two stakes on the ground where you will build the fence to help you build a straight fence. Enter corner or end posts at each end of the straight piece of fencing. These messages are heavier than the remaining posts, or line posts. Place the auger on the tractor and dig the holes below the ice line in your part of the country. Finish removing loose dirt as necessary with a pair of hand runners.

Placement chain link fence, add one or two inches of gravel to the bottom of the pole hole. Set the thickest end of the final post in the post hole. Throw enough earth and gravel into the hole to temporarily hold the message in its position. Use a tamper to steady the soil and gravel. Maintain a level on all sides of the column to make sure it is plumb. Once it is, fill the hole with dirt that was previously excavated. Periodically tamp the dirt firmly to the side of the pole in the hole.

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