Installing Wrought Iron Fence Panels

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Wrought iron fence panels provide security, contain pets and make an excellent background for plants and other landscape elements. Prefabricated fences sections can give you the look and feel you want with a fraction of the work in traditional fence construction. Correct installation mail is the key to a successful fence building. When your posts are in place to install prefabricated fence panels is a simple procedure. Prefab fences panels and wrought iron inserts are available on timber storage and home improvement centers.


Install posts

Drive wrought iron fence panels in the ground where you want to place a corner post. Run masonry yarn, available from hardware and construction store, between bets and tighten. Measure from the first corner along the Mason line a distance equal to the width of fence panels. Mark the place with a piece of tape around the masonry line. Mark the string at intervals equal to the width of fence panels. These are your posts positions. Your mail hole is equal to one third of your post height above the ground.

For a six-foot post, enter an 8-foot post in a two-foot hole. Make each whole 10 to 12 inches above; put the dirt away for backfill. Cut your posts to the right height for your wrought iron fence panels with a circular saw. Typically, the inserts cut an inch longer than the top of the top runner on the fence panel plus the depth of the post hole. Place a post in each hole. Fill each hole with 1/2 of an 80 pound bag of concrete. Add water to the hole with a garden hose and mix using a wrought iron pile.

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