Installing Wire Hog Panel Fence

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Wire Hog Panel Fence

To install wire hog panel fence, starting with install the pig fence panels one at a time from the corner. The spacing of the wire is different in the upper part and the lower part. The closest spaced portion should always go on the bottom of your fence. With this in mind, place a panel towards the inside of the pen behind the steel posts. Starting with the post in the center of the panel, use the fencing tongs to attach three panels hooks to secure the panel to the post.

Use a clip on the top and bottom and one in the center. Panel clips fit under the clip hooks on the steel post and then twist around the panel. Secure the ends of the panel to the other two posts. Repeat this process with the following eight panels leaving the ninth and last panel without warranty. This will be your hog panel fence door. Take the fencing wire and reinforce the first three curves by twisting two six-inch pieces of wire around the panels and posts.

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Put a piece of wire between the top and middle clip and one in the middle of the middle and bottom clip. Take the last hog panel fence and put it in its place. Use the fencing clips to secure the far end of the panel to leave the corner unattached. Secure the last bend with two six-inch pieces of fencing wire, one on the top and one on the bottom. This will allow you to remove the cable and pull the panel open like a door.

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