Installing White Subway Tile Bathroom

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White Subway Tile Bathroom Style

White subway tile bathroom – Subway tile is rectangular instead of a standard square. Subway tiles are often used as borders in bathrooms and add texture and clean lines on the walls in the bathroom, making them more attractive and easier to clean. Installing the subway tile is similar to installing other tiles, with some minor differences in preparation. Preparation is the key to a seamless tile job that will last for years

Installing white subway tile bathroom, Measure from the floor up 3 meters with a tape measure and make a mark. Cut along the chalk line with a utility knife to score the drywall. Place 1/2-inch, 3-by-5-foot sheets of concrete board, where you just turned out drywall and secure sheets with 3-inch galvanized screws, and make sure that the heads of the screws go flush to the surface of the concrete board.  Target from the floor 18 inches and make a mark on either side of the wall.

Apply mortar to the wall with a 1/4-inch tooth trowel and using white subway tile bathroom on the wall. Use tile spacers between each tile to keep them in line. Set mortar on the back of the tile as well. This is called back-lubricate. Stagger the joints so that the end of the tile of course you have previously installed, is in the middle of the previously laid tile under it. Use a wet tile saw to cut tiles. Allow the tile adhesive to set for about eight hours before jointing. Apply tile grout by means of a float. Push the grout into the cracks between the tiles; it goes out of the room several times. Even when you think you may be, you are probably not. Be careful to check all grout line, especially at the floor and in the corners. Use a damp sponge to lightly wash face tiles. Allow the tile grout to set up for about four hours and go back with a clean, damp cloth and remove some of the grout humiliation on the tile.

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