Installing Solar Fence Lights

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Perfect Solar Fence Lights

Solar fence lights use an energizer equipped with a large, flat solar panel that must remain in direct sunlight to be fully effective. Contrary to common belief, electric fences with solar energy usually cost a bit more to operate annually than both plug-in and electric fences that run on batteries, according to “Fences That Job.” But as long as you take care to place the solar panel in direct sunlight, electric fences with solar energy provide a privileged choice for fencing corrals for livestock and pastures in remote or isolated locations.

Steel sink T-messages 15 to 18 inches in the ground to serve as posts in the corners of your electric fence with solar fence lights. Hit the messages directly on the ground with a manual back vial. Attach a set of plastic corner insulator clips on each corner post, placing the insulators on the heights you want your electric fencing wires to be. A commonly used all-purpose farm fence usually contains five wires. With the bottom wire 6 to 8 inches from the ground and the remaining wires positioned 6 to 10 inches apart.

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Solar fence lights, tie a guide rope for the first corner post. Stretch the rope to the poles of the remaining corners along the perimeter of the fence to provide a marking line for the installation of the line poles. Insert the line poles into the ground along the outside edge of the guide rope, positioning them 12 to 18 feet away.

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