Installing Lattice Fence Panels

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Cedar Lattice Fence Panels

Lattice fence panels – Perhaps you have a patio that you want to do more privately, or maybe you want to conceal an unattractive air conditioning unit. Whatever reason, you can create a small fence from vinyl privacy grid. Vinyl grid is durable and comes in a variety of colors, so you can create a long-lasting fence tailored to your needs. With some basic tools and a bit of physical work, you can fashion a small privacy fence.


Measure the area you want to lattice fence panels in. Buy enough vinyl grid sections to the same dimensions area. Use a post-hole digger to dig 2-foot-by-2-foot holes in the ground. Clear the holes so that they are equal to the width of the sections of vinyl. For example, if the vinyl sections are 4 meters wide, space the holes four feet apart. Place three slides full of dirt at the bottom of each hole.

Set one end of a 2-by-4 print-based service to each hole. The posts should be 2 meters higher than the height of the lattice fence panels. Set a level on the top of the posts, and place them until they are level. Pour an 80-pound bag ready for mixing concrete in a wheelbarrow. Make a buckle in the middle of the concrete with a spade. Pour about 3 liters of water in the buckle in the middle of the concrete. Mix cement and water with a morsel chopper. Add more water to the mixture until it reaches an oat flour similar to consistency. Fill the rest of the holes around the base of concrete posts.

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