Installing Ikea Glass Door Cabinet

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Ikea Glass Door Cabinet Image

Ikea glass door cabinet – A cabinet with a glass door allows you to see inside without opening the door. To make the glass door to a more efficient piece, add sliding metal brackets to the cabinet. This addition will create a soft opening of the glass door and reduce concerns break the glass if the door is slammed shut.

Remove the existing doors from the ikea glass door cabinet by unscrewing the hinge jamb cabinet, using a cordless drill and bit Philips head. Check the bottom of the inside of the closet, 1/8 inch open edge, with a strip of 1 – inch thick pencil from the left side to the right side. Make the strip parallel to the cabinet opening. Adjust the depth gauge depth cordless drill half inches. Drill holes 1/2 inch within the range of 1 inch with cordless drill and a bit boring 1/2 inches. Make holes in contact with each other in two rows within the range pencil.

Insert a double set of metal corridor within the strip. Attach the cabinet interior corridor corridor tapping with a mallet. Drill and chisel a strip at the top inside the cabin with the same measures. Insert a runner on top of the cabinet as well. Connect a crystal frame metal kit 18 – inch-by-24-by-1/2 around two sheets of 18-by-24-by-1/2 inch glass. Attach the plastic holders for the corners of the glass panels.

Adjust the ikea glass door cabinet doors in the corridor. Establish a panel on the extra edge of the corridor holding the panel at an angle of 45 degrees and dragging the bottom edge, one side of 18 inches, and the distance runner. Push the top edge to the upper corridor. Repeat this process to insert the second panel, front. Place a magnetic door knob on the front panel and use it to slide the two doors.

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