Installing Farm Apron Front Sink Ikea

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Nice Apron Front Sink Ikea

To installing farm apron front sink ikea: First, Carefully measure the width of the sink and, if necessary, cut the top of the counter with a jig saw or hacksaw to match your measurements. Another option is to take the counter of a store home improvement to cut its measures, or hire a professional installer. Second, Draw a template by placing the flat apron front sink on a piece of cardboard and tracing the contour.

Third steps to install farm apron front sink IKEA, Place the template over the sink as a template to ensure the accuracy of trace lines before proceeding. Tape the template to the front of the cabinet and cabinet cut the template along the contour with a laser beam circular saw (or puzzles) for straight edges and a reciprocating saw for curves. Fourth, Sand the edges of the cutting section to remove saw marks. Fiveth, Measure each of the two sides and the back of the cabinet opening. Cut wood (two of four) to fit inside the cabinet opening.

Sixth, Measure the inside of the cabinet opening, allowing a space in the rear of the enclosure to accommodate faucets and plumbing necessary. Build a plywood platform from these measurements; cut 1/2 inch, 4.3 inch or 1 – inch plywood to match your measurements and make the platform to sink to rest on. The weight of the basin will determine the thickness of the plywood. Cut holes in the plywood platform drain lines, and screw the plywood platform bracing. Seventh, Install taps according to the ikea instructions. Eigth, Place the heat sink on the center of the box and lower it into the opening. Last, Clean the bottom of the hob and the upper rim of the sink with denatured alcohol. The farm apron front sink IKEA was finished.

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