Installing Chain Link Fence Post

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Brown Chain Link Fence Post

Chain link fence post – In addition to using root resistant materials, there are several important considerations when installing a wood gate post. The post must be buried and buried deep enough to withstand side pressure of the hanging gate. The bottom of the post must be buried deep enough to keep the post from moving, caused by telescopic lifting. Drainage must be provided to prevent rubbing at the base of the post. When installing a gate post, typically at least 1/3 of the total length of the post is buried in the ground.


Contact your local building standards control office to determine the recommended minimum depth to bury the gate post. Indicate one end of the chain link fence post as the top. Calculate the lowest total length of the post by multiplying the desired height of the installed post of 1.5. Measure and mark the top of the post to indicate ground level. Measure down the ground level and mark the recommended fill height at the entry.

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Saw the post to trim the lowest mark on the chain link fence post. Digs the insert hole into a depth of the underground party post plus 6 inches. Use a chair whole digger to dig in the post hole, two and a half to three times as wide as the post. Flange the bottom of the hole slightly, so it’s bell-shaped. Pour a few inches of gravel into the hole; tamp it with the handle of a spade. Continue laying gravel, stamping and measuring the depth of the hole until it is the same depth as the distance between them. Place the bottom of the center of the pole in the hole, oriented to align your fence posts.

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