Install Recessed IKEA Bathroom Wall Cabinet

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Rustic IKEA Bathroom Wall Cabinet

IKEA bathroom wall cabinet – Recessed wall cabinets help maximize storage space in a bathroom without intruding in space. Strategically placing recessed wall cabinets in a small bathroom allows you to remove a large vanity and install a pedestal sink place, helping to make the bathroom feel great from the pedestal has a smaller footprint. Installing wardrobes yourself requires you to take the exact and cut into the bathroom wall measures, but that does not imply advanced carpentry.

Install recessed IKEA bathroom wall cabinet, Mark the location of the studs in the wall where you want to install the wardrobes with a pencil and stud finder. Keep cabinets against the portion of the wall where you want to install, preferably above one of the wall studs, and trace the outline of the box on the wall. Cut along the lines marked on the wall with a spatula. Cut through the wall studs along the contour of the cabinet using a handsaw and remove the pin cut. Measure the dimensions of the cutout in the wall. Cutting wood blocks that is as wide as the cut is deep and that fits along the perimeter of the court, with capacity for wall stud is cut through.

Spread adhesive construction on the sides of wooden blocks and then insert wooden blocks in the cut. Place wooden blocks under the drywall on the edge of the opening. To keep them in place, driving wood screws through the drywall and wooden blocks. Slide IKEA bathroom wall cabinet in the notches, and then drill pilot through the top, bottom and sides of holes each cabinet and wooden blocks. Drive wood screws through the pilot holes to anchor the cabinets in the cracks of the wall.

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