Install Milliken Carpet Tiles

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Ellegant Milliken Carpet Tiles

Milliken carpet tiles – First, remove the old carpet. The sweep and mop the floor. Allow to dry. Second, insert a thumbtack halfway into the floor in the corner at each end of a wall. Attach the free end of a pencil to a thumbtack, stretch the line to the opposite diagonal corner, then snap the string to leave a line of chalk. Repeat chalk line process with the second thumbtack as an anchor.

3rd, measure one wall and the opposite wall with a tape measure. Divide the total number of inches by 2 to find the center and partially insert a thumbtack to mark the spot. Measure the remaining two walls and mark the center. Using chalk line, snap chalk marks from the center thumbtacks of opposite walls. Remove all tacks. 4th, identify the direction of the carpet nap to find the arrows on the back of each Milliken carpet tiles. Start at the point where emphasizes cuts and lay a tile at a time along one of the center lines against the wall, the arrows pointing in the same direction.

Put another series of carpet tiles from the initial tile against the next nearest wall. Continue filling quarter of the room with carpet tiles before moving on to the next quadrant. 5th, Flip a Milliken carpet tiles head to mark a cutting line to fill the gaps between the already -installerede tiles and wall. Make sure the arrow is pointing in the opposite direction of the existing tiles, when it overturned. Mark the cut line with a marker pen. Cut the tile from the back with a utility knife. Flip the cut piece of tile right side up and put in a position to fill the gap.

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