Install IKEA DOMSJO Sink Structure By Yourself

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Awesome IKEA DOMSJO Sink

IKEA DOMSJO sink – The farm or ranch sink-style sink is generally characterized by a porcelain bowl that is exposed to view at the front side, as opposed to a drop-in sink style. Often, have flat sides, so that the overall shape is like a rectangular box with an open top. IKEA DOMSJO sink has just such a form, making it ideal for a rustic farmhouse-style kitchen. While DOMSJO is ideal for pairing with its own kitchen countertop systems IKEA, you can easily fit into a set of kitchen setups.

Screw the screws in the lower corners of the side panels provided with the cabinet kit. Drive the screws through the brackets on the upper corners of the side panels. Install the pins in the appropriate holes on both sides of the bottom piece and then the lower part of the cabinet fits together with the two side pieces. Unscrew the metal brackets provided with the IKEA DOMSJO sink, in the laterals of the cabinet. Set the cabinet in place, wherever you want your sink. Screw additional L-shaped brackets on the rear corners of the cabinet for stability and to secure the whole piece to the wall. Set the sink into place and use silicone sealant to the junction between the sink and the counter line.

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