Innovative Painting Furniture With Chalk Paint

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Painting furniture with chalk paint has meant a revolution in the world of interior decoration and furniture restoration for many DIY fans like you, if you’re reading this post is because you’ve been bitten by curiosity. If you do not know, I’ll introduce: Chalk Paint is a decorative painting and Super chalk base versatile with many advantages over other paintings, will seduce you for sure.

Painting furniture with chalk paint is a painting with water-based, so it is easily cleaned and is not cumbersome.  It is ecological, odorless, does not damage the environment and do not smell anything! So you save the ‘buzz’ other synthetic producing more toxins and pollutants. It is dense and spreads very much, so with a large boat can paint furniture until you get bored. You can define the finish texture with simple sandpaper.

And the best…. painting furniture with chalk paint no need to sand the furniture to paint! You do not know how great this is, because you only have to worry about the creative part and saves the most boring and heavy step of all; have to sand and / or stripping old paint from furniture to paint.  How about these benefits? Just wait, you have not seen anything yet!

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