IKEA Shoe Storage: Think Outside Shoebox!

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Wall IKEA Shoe Storage

IKEA shoe storage – Sometimes finding space for shoe storage simply means that use of space you already know what products are available and be creative … “think outside shoebox” if you want. Boxes are suitable for storage of shoes which cannot be approached too often. Look for clear plastic boxes so you can easily determine what is inside. Make sure that if you store boxes for shoes that are all same variety and that they are designed to stack together.

IKEA shoe storage can plasticize metal, laminate and melamine particle board and even real cedar. Look for shoe racks stackable components, so you can use vertical space in your closet. Try increasing closet rod up to 72 inches, and then put shoe on floor. This arrangement provides storage space for shoes and still leaves enough vertical space above your shoes for hanging clothes.

Some products are now being made in order to fit under bed in order to offer use of space which is otherwise wasted. Lower bed units are made of soft plastic or hard plastic boxes with hinged lids. This is another IKEA shoe storage idea for those shoes that are not frequently accessed. If you need additional space, then under bed to accommodate a storage increase of bed a few inches. You can even to save big box and buy bed wheels are adjustable to different heights and can few extra inches you need.

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