IKEA Kitchen Pantry Ideas

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Design IKEA Kitchen Pantry

IKEA Kitchen Pantry Ideas – A well organized, well stocked kitchen pantry can make cooking and find different ingredients easier. You do not have a large dressing room to have an efficient and organized pantry; in fact, can also pantries in the room large variety cluttered to a problematic degree without proper planning and implementation. Employ practical ideas for keeping your pantry from becoming a disorganized disaster.

Use the vertical space in your IKEA kitchen pantry closet by hanging shelves both empty wall surface and the back of your closet door or doors. A spice rack has a low profile, making it a good candidate for this purpose. Attach a metal sheet to a part of the wall or door to make a magnetized spice rack. Keep bags and small objects such as raisins boxes or small bags of chips, tidy by placing them in small baskets on your pantry shelves, using larger baskets in a similar style to store larger items.

Next IKEA kitchen pantry ideas, airtight storage containers to use for your dry goods such as baking soda, flour and pasta. Not only to match the containers to keep everything looking neat and organized, they also keep bugs out of your food. Label each of the containers so that you do not accidentally use the wrong ingredient in a recipe.

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