IKEA Kitchen Hutch Decoration Ideas

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IKEA Kitchen Hutch Rustic

IKEA kitchen hutch – Home owners often decorate hutches to match the space. Tatty cookbooks, stained coffee mugs, one chipped cookie jar and other odds and ends is not the most attractive items to display in your kitchen hutch. Choose a theme for your Hutch decor. Or perhaps you want to show your antique kitchen tools on it.

Arrange items on IKEA kitchen hutch. Choose items that can be easily seen and not overcrowd them. Using three or four points per shelf is ideal. Add space elements. If you show a collection, such as tea cups, space them evenly along a shelf. If not, group items according to how big they are for example, show a large, beautiful ceramic bowl alone in the middle of a shelf, perhaps filled with fresh fruit or false.

Work your way down. Many kitchen hutches are trained shelving. Place smaller items on the top shelves and bigger things at the bottom. Add fun but practical accessories. Fresh up IKEA kitchen hutch with potted herbs if your hutch is close to a window. If not, add a fake plant. Fold some rather kitchen towels and place them in a stack on one of the shelves. Hang a retro apron on one corner of the hutch to give it some character.

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