IKEA Hemnes Shoe Cabinet: Classic But Elegant

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IKEA Hemnes Shoe Cabinet Organizer

IKEA hemnes shoe cabinet – I really like IKEA furniture and especially those that can be adapted to almost any space, and therefore we are surprised to find them in all kinds of decoration. One of these is shoemaker Hemnes furniture, this shoe for its small size, is perfectly located in any room of house and its large capacity allows us to have in order all our shoes and always at hand.

In any case, IKEA hemnes shoe cabinet is one of most popular IKEA. Want to know why? Basically, because it is one of best shoemakers IKEA if we refer to quality. It is consistent, stable, its design is practical, simple and classic, and especially one of them has enough capacity. Because in reality no a shoemaker Hemnes, but two different.

But IKEA hemnes shoe cabinet most interesting is one that has two compartments and a drawer, which occupies much less space width, but up to 12 pairs of shoes without forcing, since each compartment is double (plus storage that allows us extra) drawer. It costs 139 Euros and 145 white color black colors. And as always, remember that you can tune any furniture to make it more personal. In fact, below we can see how sophisticated shoemaker Hemnes painted in different shades of gray is.  If it is that with a little imagination, uses of IKEA furniture with almost unlimited! I leave some images to illustrate this post.

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