IKEA Bed With Storage

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IKEA Bed With Storage Black

IKEA Bed With Storage – The bed is an area that really worth thinking about existing storage, especially if you live a little. You can optimize the surface that is in it, or by actually building upwards. Here is some examples IKEA bed with storage: IKEA’s chests bed frame, Storage under the bed having an IKEA’s kitchen cabinets, IKEA’s shelves in the children’s room under the bed. The IKEA’s chests bed frame have used IKEA boxes, which she used as a bed frame, even higher can be built using the drawers.

Next types of IKEA bed with storage, IKEA kitchen shelving storage under the bed – this time in the children’s room. Extra fine with handles made ​​of toys. The bed takes a lot of space in a room. Storage under the gold is worth and should be fully exploited.

Ideas for IKEA bed with storage. Have you not thought to build on your bed but want to use the surface under it to max, the boxes with wheels and flip lid that apply? This will take you to the easiest things. There are of course other ways to really max out storage under the bed – to build up the example: location-built cabinets with stairs up to the bed. Here you actually place built across the room where it is also calculated into the bed above the place built solution.

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