IKEA Bathroom Sink Ideas

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Traditional IKEA Bathroom Sink

IKEA Bathroom Sink Ideas – The sink is perhaps the most versatile element of the bathroom. Modern, sleek, classic, fitted or loose; no item is better suited to give the whole its own signature. No wonder that trends vary rapidly. This applies not only to the shape, but also for the material, the size and the drain. The offer does offer everyone a nice alternative.

IKEA bathroom sink are traditionally made of ceramic. Usually, the ceramic which is produced today, is treated with a lime-resistant layer. This gives you extra enjoyment from the sink. Innovative plastics are hot. Wood is moreover no longer taboo for the sink. Comeback is terrazzo, consisting of marble grains or fragments that have been pressed into cement or clay. And then there are new materials such as composite stone, stainless steel / enamel, glass and concrete, has also undergone a metamorphosis the drain. The traditional drainage is replaced more and more often sinks in designs by a simple discharge chute at the lowest point. But this fact has been overtaken by an inventive solution. The drain in the most modern models has been rendered invisible by a platform that serves as a kind of double bottom.

Traditional pedestal IKEA bathroom sink with the classic rectangular sink is still in demand, but also the free-standing pedestal sink – a distinctive and stylish object – is on the rise. Relatively new to the floating arrangements in which the suspension structure in the wall or hidden in a double wall. The result is pure, simple and space saving. The shape of the sink is something to think about. Round shapes are ergonomically recommended: you can do not bump into sharp corners. But for a rectangular, more personal copy which is also to say, it is ideal for “rush hour situations’ in a family with children.

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