Ideas To Use A Wine Barrel Wall Decor

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Wine barrel wall decor – Barrels or vats of wine can be used as decorative elements by placing them on the porches of our homes. This is an element that contributes to the porch rustic, like wagon wheels. It is advisable to purchase a new one, to be surer of the quality of the wood and it has not been attacked by pests. However, rusty hardware and old wood look of an old barrel will help us increase the look of your porch. In both cases it will be necessary to check the presence of pest’s addition to sand the wood to avoid the appearance of chips.

It may also be necessary to sand metal parts to remove rust, apply a coat of anti corrosion and paint, with black or gray good choices. To avoid sanding metal parts is convenient to directly apply a special product on the rusty, hiding them and preventing the re-oxidized surface areas. To decorate wine barrel wall decor may stain or varnish with varnish stain. The latter is the best option, because both protect wood exposed to weather, exposes the wood grain.

If you paint a uniform color, or each strip of wood a different color, it will provide itself with a modern look. Prior to decorate wine barrel wall decor must apply a coat of primer to prevent the wood from absorbing excess paint. Thus, the optimum is to apply a coat of sealer, to better secure the paint or varnish and paint two coats of color or desired colors, red being a good choice to combine with wooden beams porch.

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