Ideas For Painting IKEA File Cabinet

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Red IKEA File Cabinet

Ideas For Painting IKEA File Cabinet – When that old gray steel cabinet in the corner crying out for a makeover, remove the paint. Use color and creativity to turn an old filing cabinet in a stand-alone work of art. Use spray paint and glazing mediums for best effect and compliance with metal surfaces. If you want to go pro, you can take the case to an auto paint shop for an electrostatic high gloss finish. Once a file cabinet has been painted, it does not have to be relegated to a longer piece of office furniture. It can beautifully fit into just about any room in the house.

Paint an IKEA file cabinet and give it a new purpose in life. Who says that a cabinet for storing paper files? Paint it and reuse to save it what you want. If you have a color corresponding to pick up walls, you can go to the filing cabinet in the room decor get a cheap bed drawer of a rebate or resale store and paint it the same color as the filing cabinet. Instead placing it on top of the cabinet and creating a side table next to a chair, armchair or sofa. Store remote controls, magazines and newspapers and use the matching bed tray for snacks and popcorn look ready for TV and film.

Use two shades of the same color to the IKEA file cabinet pit. Paint the body of the cabinet in the lighter shade and paint the drawers in the darker shade. So the body can be painted in a rich chocolate color and loading in a mocha color. Remove pull out the tray and replace them with wooden buttons. The extra distance and buttons at the bottom of the closet literally give new lift to the cabinet. Buttons can also be painted in a contrasting color or with a top layer of paint to pop them.

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