Ideas For Make Kong Dog Bed

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Popular Kong Dog Bed

Kong dog bed – You will find a wide selection of puppy beds available on the market today. However, not all bed works for your dog. You must make sure that the bed you buy will be large enough for your dog to fit in comfortably. Also, buy a dog bed in the store can often times be very expensive. Not only that, but you are limited to the styles of beds that are sold in the store. Make your own dog bed can be a fun and rewarding experience. Your dog is a special member of the family and need a comfortable place to call home. Show the love you have for your dog by building the bed itself.

Measure your pet from head to tail when he is fully stretched and even his pitch when he lies down in a bent position. Be sure to take these measurements with you when you go to pick out the basket. Choose a basket that is large enough that your dog can fit comfortably. Make a big cushion for your Kong dog bed to lie on. Make sure the cushion matches the shape of the basket you selected.

Select the fabric you are going to fill the pillow with. You can use a foam padding, cotton or even old rags. Just be sure that the surface of the pillow is lumpy. Cutting the fabric to fit in the bottom of the basket. Be sure to leave 1 inch on all sides to allow for sewing the sides together. Fill out the fabric with the filling of your choice. When you feel that it is firm enough to sew up the final end and put it in the basket for your Kong dog bed.

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