Ideas For Kitchen Tile Backsplashes Fruit

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Contemporary Kitchen Tile Backsplashes

Kitchen tile backsplashes – Kitchen backsplash tiles can add a touch of color and personality to an area of ​​the home that is often overlooked when it comes to decorating. Tiles with fruit on them are a natural choice for a kitchen. There are a number of ideas to consider if you use this backsplash theme. Using the all-white tiles that have an increased fruit-relief pattern on them. Paired with stainless steel appliances, the fruit on the tiles warm feel of what else may look like a sharp kitchen space.

For skilled painters who want to add a personal touch to their kitchens, take a trip to a local paint-your-own-pottery business. Most of these companies have ceramic tiles, which you can decorate. Prior to plan the number of kitchen tile backsplashes you like to customize. There are a few options. You could paint a mural, with each tile comprises a portion of the painting, or you can paint a different piece of fruit on each tile. Another idea to consider is to paint a fruit pattern on each tile.

Metal is a popular material for kitchens, used in everything from stainless steel refrigerators for copper sinks. Backsplash tiles can be made of metals such as steel, bronze, copper, tin or aluminum. Match a metal to your kitchen appliances and cabinets. Have metal tiles embossed with different fruit shapes. You can use fruit on the kitchen tile backsplashes in a discreet way. If tiles with large pictures of fruit on them aren’t your style, make a backsplash from large tiles with a border of small tiles around it. Includes only fruit on alternating tiles. This adds a bit of color without going overboard.

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