Ideas For Instructions Petsafe Wireless Fence

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New Petsafe Wireless Fence

Petsafe wireless fence – Invisible exterior fences have become a popular alternative to wire mesh yard fences to keep the family dog ​​within the property line. Petsafe takes the invisible fence one step further with its wireless fence. The transmitter acts as the center of a circular fenced boundary around your house. The wireless PetSafe fence is relatively quick to install and adjust to the needs of you and your family dog.

Ideas for instructions petsafe wireless fence, place the transmitter in your home where you want the center of the pet containment area to be, and within reach of an outlet. The transmitter can sit on a non-metallic table or a bench, or you can mount it on a wall. If mounted on a wall, drill two holes 6 3/4 inches apart from each other. Insert the screws into the wall until the screw heads are 1/8 inch from the wall. Place the mounting holes on the back of the transmitter on top of the screw heads.

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Insert the contact points on the edge of the receiving dog collar. And long-haired or thick-coat breeds require long contacts. Pass the contact points on the neck to the waterproof hand. Convert an additional complete turn with a pair of pliers. Then for instructions petsafe wireless fence, turn the battery compartment cover to the left with a coin.

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