Ideas For Fix Barb Wire Fence

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Best Barb Wire Fence Ideas

Barb wire fence – A broken barbed wire fence can allow livestock to escape, possibly wondering about traffic on busy roads or damaging growing crops. As the name suggests, barbed wire is made up of two lines of barbed wire wrapped with small wires every few inches. These barbs are the main deterrents to prevent animals from getting through the fence. Threads and fence posts break or wear out over time, but fixing them is possible without having to replace the entire fence.

Ideas for fix barb wire fence, fixing a broken cable. Look for a broken thread of barbed wire. Look for two broken ends opposite each other. These must be spliced ‚Äč‚Äčtogether again. Keep the fence stretcher so that it is in line with the fence line. Slide the hooks on the stretcher until they are as far apart as they are going to go. Open one of the spring latches at the end of the stretcher with your fingers. Pick up one end of the broken wire, pull it as hard as you can, and insert it through the latch. Set aside the latch to allow spring tension to keep it there.

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Lift the other broken end of the thread. Pull it as hard as possible to take out the slack. Open the other latch and insert the cable. Put aside the latch. Then for fix barb wire fence, lift the ratchet lever of the stretcher close behind and forward to carry the broken ends of the cables together. Use the tweezers to bend a loop at one end and wrap the final part around the wire as many times as length allows. The cable must be long enough to wrap around itself at least three times after being rolled.

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