Ideas For Decorating Lego Organizer Ikea

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Easy Ideas Lego Organizer Ikea

Lego organizer ikea – The construction kits are no longer a toy to become decorative accessories. Here are some very surprising and simple ideas to decorate the interiors of Legos. Some time ago I talked first about the trend of decorating with pieces of Lego. This novel fashion, increasingly present in the world of interior design , allows you to create almost any concept thanks to its original and essential role, building objects , so it is not surprising that we find every day new decorating ideas with this type parts.

Although the brand itself certifies interior designers and studios to develop concepts of furniture and furnishing with these pieces, we can also get hold of this trend and style, building our own decorative elements. Activity that can be enjoyed alone or with smaller or those who are not so small.

Lego organizer ikea 01The first example that we bring is an organizer and hanger keys. This idea is very original, because it allows us to maintain the order of our keys through a very colorful and jovial element. Although the end result may seem a bit childish, this hanger will make us smile for their freshness every time we go or we go home. The key is to engage our keys a keychain made ​​with a piece of Lego that allows us to fit it on the board and they hang the keys.

Lego organizer ikea 02Another proposal is to build vessels can develop with these pieces to organize our stuff, for example pencils and pens or makeup brushes. A very original idea from this concept is to make a multicolored pot for cooking utensils and brighten get this corner of the house with the colors of the pieces.

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