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Storage Makeup Organizer Ikea

As dressers I leave two of the best known makeup organizer ikea one other thing cheaper and more expensive. The desktop is longer and wider than the toilet, and has 2 drawers instead of 1. The toilet has a crystal, while the desktop is not. I now use the desktop that came with the bedroom. A good idea to organize your drawers is to use trays to group products and is not lost in the drawer. It is rather low. Measures will have to consider before buying making sure they fit well.

Add a magnet on the bottom of your pallets, blushes, powders and place them on a metal plate. You can decorate makeup organizer ikea, as in the photo, with a vintage style by adding an old frame around it. In addition to makeup, there are also ways to keep brushes placed. Fill a glass jar with a natural ingredient that provides consistency and where we can ‘stick’ brushes. Coffee, rice, sugar, cinnamon use what you like!

It is one of the ideas that we like, because anyone can do. You only need crystal glasses and glue or silicone. Stick them together, following the shape you like best or best suits your dresser (all in a row, pyramid, forming a square) and separates the makeup between the vessels. Lipsticks, mascara, nail polish, everything in place!

Yes, you can do a makeup organizer ikea with plastic bags. Do you remember those that gave you sweets in stores? For those. Put them with pins or glue on a sheet of felt, the color you want. To give more consistency, also hits the side. And voila. Already you have an organizer.

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