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Gray IKEA Medicine Cabinet

IKEA medicine cabinet is typically a simple case with three or four shelves. The mobile can be purchased or built, with devices like hidden compartments or mirrors. The bathroom environment, a place of choice for cabinet installation, is what will define how much physical space is available for your design. Most home owners already think in positioning the cabinet above the bathroom sink, for example, but it is perfectly acceptable to put it elsewhere, like in a free wall. If placed on a perpendicular wall to the sink, the region will certainly be more spacious.

Measure the available space on the wall where you want to put your IKEA medicine cabinet. Draw a cabinet that looks aesthetically good and compatible with the environment. Avoid mounting cabinets smaller than 40 cm wide and 55 cm high, because if placed too close to a sink, appear to be very small. Outline of the room plan on graph paper and try to fit the cabinet in different positions. Draw it to stay on top in the sink or on a wall away from the toilet area.

Be sure to leave centralized design IKEA medicine cabinet. Make the bottom of the cabinet is at least 30 cm above the highest part of the hose. Let also about 10 cm between the mobile edge and the wall corner.

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