Ideal Stairway Bunk Beds Solution

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Adorable Stairway Bunk Beds

Stairway bunk beds are ideal for small children to sleep in small room furniture. Enable them to climb stairs to bed easily are running risk of having a ladder. Structure of double berth amount of space to sleep in a room, if only sleeps a child in room; you can use extra space for a desk or play area. Whether or not you afraid of heights a ladder must meet minimum safety requirements, adequate steps, appropriate tilt and a railing to cling are some of aspects that must be considered before a verdict.

In very narrow places may make stairway bunk beds is only solution. In next picture you can see a perspective of same model made ​​of solid wood with triangles. Imaginative is, but practical? For many, staircase is no problem and only sees advantages in this type of structure. However without installing a railing strikes me as dangerous and risky.

A real torture must be up and down stairs of this space. Problem with having a very high riser has been solved by a double staircase at different heights. It has also been tapped as shelf area. A maximum use of space for a bad day use of a stairway bunk beds area.

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