How To Stretch Black Chain Link Fence

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Amazing Black Chain Link Fence

Black chain link fence at the bottom of each side. The tension wire lies between all posts and fence material. The tension wire on the lower edge of a fence discourages pets from digging under the fence and the tension wire is useful for stiffening on a chain link fence instead of a top rail. Stretching tension wire uses the same principle of stretching chain link fence in that an entire side or section between poles tightens at a time for strength and stability.


Place a stag band on a terminal with a bolt about an inch above ground level. Tighten the screw with pliers on the side of the fence where the fence will attach. Feed the loose end of high black chain link fence through the stag band with an excess of 6 inches. Pull a pair of feet from the roll and go down to the next post with roll thread. Set the roller to the ground. Fold the loose end of the thread on top of the long length of thread and tighten by twisting it around the long piece of thread at least six times with pliers.

Go to the next terminal post with scroll thread. Place a black chain link fence on the post and fasten by tightening the bolt with pliers of an inch above the ground level. Cut the cable 6 inches farther than the post gap and loop the loose end of the thread through the stag band. Bend the cable at 90 degree angle to stay in place. Tie a 2-foot train end tight wrist strap for a harness of 3 inches higher than the stag band. Attach a come-along to the lift by hooking the hook closest to the handle through lenses.

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