How To Put Half Bunk Bed Tent

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Bunk Bed Tent With Stairs

The bunk beds are popular for kids of all ages. Make a typical litter in an exciting escape by creating half-store litter your child. With simple hooks and lightweight fabric that can quickly and easily create a bunk bed tent with a minimum of cost, effort and preparation. Learn how to put a half bunk bed tent and create a fun addition to your child’s bunk that will be enjoyed for years.

Press less than a quarter inch around all four edges of the light fabric with an iron. Machine stitch around all edges to hem the fabric. Position ceiling hooks in the ceiling above the bed upstairs. Because you are making an average store, hooks begin approximately at the center of the bed. Place the hooks in six to eight inches along the ceiling to the foot of the bed.

Fold the fabric bunk bed tent in half lengthwise. Measure and mark a spot on the web for each hook you placed on the roof. The marks should be evenly spaced along the web and equal distances from each other. Sewing buttonholes two and half an inch away from each other at each mark made for a hook tissue.

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