How To Install IKEA Kitchen Handles Cabinets

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Modern IKEA Kitchen Handles

How To Install IKEA Kitchen Handles Cabinets – IKEA is well known for its low cost “do-it-yourself” furniture and cabinets, but many homeowners do not realize that they can purchase new handles to improve your cabinets existing kitchen. IKEA sells handles along with its line of kitchen cabinets is actually quite high quality material that many installers customized furniture used in high-end kitchens.

To install IKEA kitchen handles select the best single handle or knob position. Place a kitchen hardware Drilling template of the bottom corner opposite the hinges of a wall cabinet door.  Fit the correct size drill bit in a cordless drill / driver. Place drill in the selected hole and drill right through the door while holding the drill at right angles. Drill the second hole if you are fitting a two screw doorknob. Slow template and place it over the upper corner opposite the hinges on a base cabinet door to duplicate the wall cabinet handle adjustment. Mark all your drawer fronts with a steel tape measure centerline.

Drill template over the top of the drawer front. Select the most aesthetically pleasing height of the IKEA kitchen handles, and the masking of the other holes in the template with masking tape.  Through both top corners of the deep pot trays in the same way when you use the template door handle as a guide. Install the hardware. Slide the tiles on the hardware provided screws, and then insert the screws through the holes from the inside. With two screw handle, position the handle to the door and start screw threads by hand. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver bit mounted drill / driver.

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