How To Install Ikea Apron Front Sink

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Ikea Apron Front Sink Design

How To Install Ikea Apron Front Sink – IKEA apron front sinks are different from conventional sinks, Apron sinks the front portion is higher than the surrounding counter. More important is the apron sink is not level with the support cabinet it sticks out a little. ikea apron front sinks are easy to use its size is definitely an advantage when you have many tools to be cleaned. They also manage to provide the most spartan of the kitchen a luxurious look.

To install IKEA apron front Sink measure the height of the sink, and the distance from the top of wooden cabinets to about ½ inch below the false drawer area. If the available space is more than 6 inches in height, you can choose to mount the apron front sink level or below the countertop. But if the height is less than 6 inches, you have nothing but top-mount option. The underside of the sink must have support to keep it. Take a 2 “X 4” support; keep it on the left inside of the cabinet. Place the support so that its upper part is in line with the line you marked. Apply construction adhesive and pressure support in place.

To install IKEA apron front sink measure the height of the sink at the front. Add 1/8 “to this figure and mark the front cutting base cabinet. Make sure that the sink is not resting on the edge of the cliff, but just a little above it. Cut out the front of the cabinet with a jigsaw. View sink to ensure that the flat side and front to back. Adjust misalignments using shims with tapered wood. When all is well, installing the sink. Fill gaps between the countertop and the sink and even under the sink with silicone caulk.

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