How To Hang A Deer Head Wall Decor

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Hang a deer head wall decor on the wall is a good way to remember and show the animal that killed him. Looking at the mountain is likely to unleash memories of hunting, and is a good topic of conversation when people come to your house. While some hunters just hang rabbit heads high score on the wall, others are more concerned with hanging heads of deer that mean a lot to them personally and are not particularly concerned with size. Follow these steps to hang a deer head on the wall.

Select the area of the wall where you want to hang the deer head wall decor. In making your decision, consider the height and width of the antlers are probably larger than deer head itself and must be considered when selecting an area. You do not want to hit the other wall or ceiling. Use a stud finder to find the nearest stud. Although a wall anchor and a screw to hold a deer head, will be more resilient if the screw placed directly onto film.

Select the location for its screw with a pencil. Make a hole in which he made ​​the pencil mark. Screw the screw on the right foot. Be sure to leave enough space between the screw head and the wall to hang the deer head. Check the back of the head of deer to see what type of media used the taxidermist. Check to see how much the screw must protrude from the wall to hang her head. Then lift the deer head wall decor the screw is inside the holder.

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