How To Fold Under A Futon Couch

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Futon Couch Furniture

A futon couch is a functional piece of furniture that will save space in a small room. You can bend and make a bed and then re-fold to transform it into couch during the day. Doing so is easy and fast. Take one end of the front side of the futon and ask someone else to take the opposite. If you are one, take it in the middle.

Hold the other side of the futon couch, which will be the chair, with your other hand and ask your friend to do the same. If you’re folding one, take half of that side with your free hand. Take the backing and press it down on the front for easier bending. The futon should begin to be folded in half.

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Press it in the center if it does not bend. Pull one side while pressing until it begins to turn, and then stop pressing the back. Strip until the futon couch is in a standing position. Now work as chair. To return to transform into beds, simply press the back down again.

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