How To Fold Futon Loveseat

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Fabric Futon Sofa Bed

Futon loveseat – A futon is a functional piece of furniture that can save space in a small room. It can be folded down into a bed, and then folded into a sofa during the day. Folding a futon on the sofa is easy and fast. Grip one end of the front side of the futon and have a second person holds the other end. If you are using one person, grip in the center.

Futon loveseat, hold the other side of the bed, which will become the back of the sofa, with his other hand, and his friend do the same. If you are bending alone, grip the center of this side with his free hand. Pull up the back, and push down on the front to make it easier to fold. The futon should begin to fold in half.

Futon loveseat pushes the center of the futon if you do not want to retire. Pulling aside while pushing until it begins to retire, and then resume pulling back. Pull up the futon was pulled into a vertical position. Now it will function as a couch. To transform back into bed, simply push the side down again.

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