How To Decorative Wall Switch Plates

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Decorative wall switch plates serve an important purpose. Protect the wiring and electrical components responsible for bringing light in your home. While designers have come a long way in developing and inspired decorative switch plates decorated hand switches can provide a level of customization that cannot be found in a store design plates. Use your own creativity and talent to decorate plates existing switches can help customize and switch plates combine your home to your taste and personality.

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the plate switch electrical outlet. Pull the face decorative wall switch plates. Clean the switch plate. Use soap and water to wash clean plate switch. Let the switch plate to dry. Alternatively, you can buy a new plate if desired. Make a sketch of a design for the switch plate. Gather paint and other materials on the work surface. Grab paintings, stencils, brushes and other decorative building materials such as stickers and decals.

Customize your decorative wall switch plates by applying paints, stickers and decals to it. Use a hot glue gun to add decorations like sea shells, buttons and rhinestones. Consider your initials, likes and dislikes to customize your switch plates. Coordinate the plate with the current or planned decor of the room. Finish with a water-based sealer. Keep fresh designs, and to limit wear by applying a water-based sealer for decorative switch plate finish.

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