How To Decorate Dorm Room

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Decorate Dorm Room Picture

The college years are a time to experience a new way of life with more freedom and independence. Living on campus allows you to have the full college experience, full of dorm life and study sessions all night. You can decorate dorm room accessible from budgeting, planning and shopping for the best deals.

Instruction to decorate dorm room: evaluate your budget. Talk to your roommate about themes or atmospheres that you want for the room. List the decor and furnishings that you want for your dorm room based on how much space you have. Use magazines to create a collage wall leading your hobbies and interests in your dorm room. Hang the collage on a wall or place it on a coffee table or end.

Stack your bed on blocks of concrete to create space under the bed. Buy closet organizers or collect boxes to store extra clothing and other items. Paint the exterior of the boxes and decorate them with stencils, stickers or stamps.

Make frames or buying frames finished and decorate as desired. Hang a dry erase board in your room for notes and reminders. Visit a store or look for the resale of antique or vintage decorations to match the theme to decorate dorm room and color.

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